Where I live … beekeeper Hayley Mason of Settler Hives

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Beekeeper Hayley Mason of Settler Hives

Real estate reporter Reshni Ratnam chats to beekeeper Hayley Mason from Settler Hives about why she loves living in Toowoomba.

1. Where do you live and why?

In the beautiful garden city, Toowoomba. We own a small Queenslander worker’s cottage that we adore.

2. What do you love about your home?

The wooden floors, 12ft ceilings, fireplace, the old-school VJ walls and all the chipped paint and imperfections. It’s full of character and has such a comfortable feel about it.

3. What would you change about your home?

I would maybe add a carport and replace the front fence to a lower, cottage-style picket fence.

4. What is the best thing about your suburb?

We can walk to our favourite cafés, and organic and bulk-foods grocery stores. The botanic gardens aren’t near by also. If we’re feeling light on foot the main city shopping centre isn’t too far away. The downtown fringe is such a great spot.

5. If money was no option, what would your fantasy home be and where? Villa in Capri or a chalet in the Swiss Alps?

I change my mind on this all the time. This month I would go for the blue sparkle of the Mediterranean, so a villa in Capri for sure.

6. What is the best piece of property advice you have been given? And what is the biggest lesson you have learned?

This was our first home purchase, which we viewed as a long-term investment property leased by tenants. Three years later we moved in ourselves. Wherever we end up next we hope to be able to hold on to it. We get told by a lot of people that their biggest regret with property was selling.