Finally, You Can Poop In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Finally, You Can Poop In Animal Crossing: New Horizons nmprofetimg 1462

Animal Crossing has always allowed you to plant a toilet in the middle of your house, but they were always more decorative than functional. However, this latest entry New Horizons is a next-gen experience, and they wanted to add in the features that fans have been clamoring for. That’s right: You can now poop.

To be clear, however, you must meet certain conditions in order to achieve your digestive dreams. In New Horizons, if you eat fruit, you gain energy that allows you to perform feats of strength, like digging trees out of the ground. Once you sit on the toilet, your energy will slowly drain to zero, accompanied by a slightly upsetting sound effect. However, once you’ve made the decision to poop, you cannot cancel it, so be careful out there.

This isn’t the only surprise addition to New Horizons, however. The game allows you to get free items by playing the mobile spin-off Pocket Camp, some of which are exclusive.

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