Left 4 Dead Is “Absolutely” Not Being Worked On At Valve

Left 4 Dead Is “Absolutely” Not Being Worked On At Valve nmprofetimg 1493

It’s now been over a decade since Left 4 Dead 2 launched, and according to Valve that wait will continue for the foreseeable future. In an interview with IGN, the developer has confirmed that it is absolutely not working on another game in the franchise.

Valve’s official statement on the matter says as much, mentioning that while the studio has looked at ideas for another entry into the franchise, no such project is currently being working on. “We did briefly explore some Left 4 Dead next-gen opportunities a few years ago, but we are absolutely not working on anything Left 4 Dead-related now, and haven’t for years,” the statement reads.

Extrapolating on that, Valve’s Robin Walker explained how that came about, as well as leaks that suggested Valve was working on a sequel.

“We used parts of a Left 4 Dead level as the first bit of level geometry to start building in Source 2, so a bit of that got out,” Walker explained. “It was essentially a rendering test, and people thought that meant we were working on Left 4 Dead.

“There were groups here who would generate a product in mind that would attempt to be a target for Source 2, and so a couple of those were Left 4 Dead-related things, but none of them reached the point where we were like, ‘Now this is a product team that we’re going to build a big product around.’ They were more tools for moving Source 2 forward.”

Valve has been looking at its portfolio of franchises over the years, especially with regards to which would work with VR. It determined that multiplayer games specifically didn’t fit, and eventually landed on what is now Half-Life: Alyx. It’s been 13 years since the last Half-Life, but thankfully it seems to have been worth it, with our 9/10 Half-life: Alyx review saying, “Not only has Half-Life: Alyx made good on its shift to VR, it has elevated many of the aspects we’ve come to love about Half-Life games.”

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