Borderlands 3 Next Level Cap Increase Will Give Big Boost To Late-Game Builds

Borderlands 3 Next Level Cap Increase Will Give Big Boost To Late-Game Builds nmprofetimg 1596

Borderlands 3 is preparing for another level cap increase to come alongside the release of Guns, Love, and Tentacles. When the update hits on March 26 you can raise your Vault Hunter’s max level to 57, an increase of four more points since it was last raised in February. And this particular increase could have a big impact on gameplay.

As noted on the Borderlands blog, the new level cap will allow you to select two capstone skills rather than the standard one. Those skills are among the most powerful in a Vault Hunter’s arsenal, so being able to double-up opens a whole new array of possibilities. Gearbox says it anticipates this to come with a “huge surge of power for endgame players” and the ability to experiment with wild new build types.

The blog also reiterated that the game is on track to follow its spring 2020 roadmap, which includes Mayhem 2.0 in April. That will give Mayhem Mode a dedicated tab in your Echo Device so you can adjust it on the fly. There will be 10 Mayhem levels and 25 modifiers, and the higher your Mayhem level, the better loot will drop.

That will come alongside the free Revenge of the Cartels event in April, which includes a new Mansion area. The occupants of the Mansion will change based on which of the three gangs currently runs the place, and each gang offers unique loot and Anointed parts. Plus you can earn some retro-inspired Revenge of the Cartels gear during the six-week event.

Guns, Love, and Tentacles focuses on the wedding of Wainwright and Hammerlock, a couple of fan-favorite lovebirds from the campaign. Naturally, their nuptials don’t seem to go off without a hitch. Check out an extended gameplay session from the upcoming DLC for more.

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