Death Strandings Expanded PC Photo Mode Is Also Coming To PS4

Death Strandings Expanded PC Photo Mode Is Also Coming To PS4 nmprofetimg 1562

Death Stranding is coming to PC this summer with a few enhancements, including an expanded photo mode. However, PS4 players won’t be left out, as the console version is getting an update that gives you even more ways to take pictures during your cross-country journey.

Director Hideo Kojima revealed the news on his official Twitter account, saying the PS4 version will actually be getting the PC version’s photo mode before the PC version is out. His studio’s goal is currently to have it out by the end of the month in a title update.

Once released, the update will let you take images of protagonist Sam while you’re exploring the world and delivering supplies. Previously, you could snap images while Sam looked into the mirror in his room, complete with silly faces.

With filters and text available for the images, it should turn both PS4 and PC players into artists during their journey. There is certainly plenty of time to take pictures during the game’s long runtime, especially during its early chapters.

When Death Stranding releases for PC on June 2, it will include a high frame rate option, as well as ultra-wide monitor support and Half-Life content. Fellow PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn will join the game with a PC launch, though you shouldn’t expect all Sony-published games to do the same.

Death Stranding is an ambitious game, and one that requires a major commitment. In GameSpot’s Death Stranding review, Kallie Plagge praised its unique take on multiplayer and shift away from traditional video game violence.

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