Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gets Free Weekend To Celebrate Big Title Update

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gets Free Weekend To Celebrate Big Title Update nmprofetimg 1581

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was not only a disappointment critically, but a commercial one for Ubisoft. But its developer isn’t calling it quits yet, and today’s big title update is proof of that. Breakpoint’s new immersive mode and Episode 2 of its ongoing DLC content are now live.

Deep State, the latest adventure to be added to Breakpoint, has Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher link up with the ghosts again, this time to help track and take down a new threat on the island of Auroa. Sam Fisher previously crossed-over with this franchise in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, despite not having his own game to star in for many years.

The title update also includes the long-awaited Ghost Experience, after it was delayed at the last minute the last time out by Ubisoft. This new gameplay toolset lets you customize your Breakpoint experience to your taste, letting you toggle settings like regenerating health, HUD elements, and more. You can read the full patch notes for more information.

If that sounds great to you but you’re still on the fence about committing to Breakpoint, Ubisoft is here to entice you with a free weekend starting on March 26 and lasting through March 30. You’ll get access to the full game (without this latest adventure, unfortunately) and be able to mess around with the new difficulty and gameplay settings to see if Ubisoft has whipped Breakpoint into a shape that is appealing.

It wasn’t that way at launch, without our 4/10 Ghost Recon Breakpoint review saying, “Ghost Recon’s identity as a tactical shooter has evaporated and been replaced by a confused patchwork of elements and mechanics from other, better games. Its defining characteristic boils down to just how generic and stale the whole thing is.”

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