Epic Games Store Just Made Things Easier If You Buy Games On Other Stores

The Epic Games Store is partnering with three more digital retailers for keyless game authentications, similar to its partnership with The Humble Store last year.

Fanatical, Green Man Gaming, and Genba Digital have announced integration with the Epic Games Store, letting your purchases appear on the client without any additional steps. Each of these retailers will now let you link your Epic Games account to their storefront. When you purchase a game, it will then automatically appear in the Epic Games client on your PC, without the need to add it manually using a generated key. Epic Games states it does not take a cut of game sales from third-party retailers.

This process helps both consumers and game developers. For consumers it streamlines the process of purchases, and gives additional choices when making a purchase decision. For game developers and publishers, it gives them the peace of mind that sales of its games are coming from legitimate retailers, with the removal of generated keys meaning fewer grey market sales issues.

Epic Games has also recently started forcing two-factor authentication on users, preventing them from redeeming the latest free game on the Epic Games Store if it has not been activated. And with Grand Theft Auto V as the latest free offering, it’s an enticing exchange for better overall account security. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will also be sold on the Epic Games Store on PC, as the only option other than Ubisoft’s own Uplay client.

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