Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Patch Fixes Annoying Siege Event Bug

In the latest update for the Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord beta, even more bug fixes have been rolled out, along with some alterations to units for balancing purposes. Patch e1.4.0 also marks the move from the current beta branch to the main Steam branch, syncing the two versions.

As with all games in beta, there are a myriad of bugs that need fixing, with the majority of patches so far focusing on erasing these issues. The developers have been patching the game almost daily since the beta launched, working hard to make the game playable despite still being in beta. This update patches the following known bugs in-game:

Latest Bug Changes

  • Fixed a problem where it was not possible to select newly changed perks in older save files.
  • Pila, Jagged Throwing Spear and Triangular Throwing Spear are throwable again
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to purchase a workshop.
  • Fixed a bug that causes duplicate dialogue options to appear in some dialogues.
  • Fixed the bonus for the castle “castellan’s office” settlement project.
  • Some lords which have a risk of going below critical money limits will stop paying wages and suffer the morale penalty only. This way they will at least keep enough money to buy food and avoid starvation. Their troops will still desert eventually if their morale drops too low.
  • In some cases, siege map events were stopping in the middle and the besieger party was returning to owned settlements to buy food. They will now continue the map event.
  • In some minor cases, armies were going to faraway towns when they ran out of food. This was fixed. The distance will be the most important factor in such cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented excessive settlement militia from decreasing.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when trying to complete Gang Leader Needs Weapons quest through dialogue.
  • Fixed a Save & Load crash related to one-handed perks.
  • Fixed a crash due to an empty .dll name appearing on call stack frame.
  • Fixed a crash due to missing frame info when capturing a call stack.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when trying to load a game when quests were active.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting some troops for a custom battle.

This update also fixed the annoying bug where the player’s besieger party would stop storming a fort or village during an event to go purchase food. These troops will now finish the fight regardless of how hungry they are.

A number of changes to units have been added as well to balance out the battles. The following troops have been altered:

Latest Balance Changes

  • Aserai
    • Beduin
      • Troop count increased by 1 (10)
    • Skirmisher
      • Troop count increased by 1 (17)
  • Battania
    • Clan Warrior
      • Troop count increased by 1 (22)
    • Wildling
      • Troop count increased by 1 (18)
    • Ranger
      • Replaced Bastard Sword with Highland Two-Handed Sword
      • Mounter Warrior
      • Troop count increased by 1 (11)
  • Empire
    • Menavlion Infantry
      • Troop count decreased by 1 (16)
      • Hit Points reduced by 5 (100)
    • Courser
      • Replaced Menavlion with Cavalry Menavlion
        • Swing Speed 83 to 73
        • Damage 129 to 118
  • Khuzait
    • Rabble
      • Mace length got increased
        • Length 58 to 67
        • Swing Speed 95 to 91
        • Damage 37 to 39
    • Nomad
      • Troop count increased by 1 (11)
    • Mounted Archer
      • Cost reduced by 10 (150)
      • Spear Perk replaced by Stronger Arrows Perk
  • Sturgia
    • Berserker
      • Troop count decreased by 1 (16)
    • Varyag
      • Movement Speed decreased by 1 (77)
      • Armor decreased by 1 (39)
      • Large Round Shield is now the Default Shield
      • Replaced Stronger Shield Perk with Lighter Shield Perk which equips the Light Round Shield
      • Large Round Shield weight increased to 4
      • Troop count decreased by 1 (15)
    • Hunter
      • Replaced LongSword perk with Strong Arrows Perk
      • Swapped Strong Arrows Perk and Shield Perk
  • Vlandia
    • Peasant Levy
      • Troop count reduced by 2 (23)
      • Pitchfork can not be used One-Handed any more.

Some art assets, localization text files, and the UI system have also been updated. For the full list of updates in patch e1.4.0 check out the developer blog on the official website.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is currently available in beta on PC.

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