Mafia Trilogy Buying Guide: Release Date, Price, Bonuses, And More

2K Games has unveiled more details on the recently-revealed Mafia: Trilogy, which includes a stunning remake of the original 2002 title in the series. Mafia: Trilogy, despite just being revealed last week, is available to purchase now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The catch? You’ll have to wait until August 28 to revisit the first game in the series in all its remade glory. We have all of the Mafia Trilogy buying details you need to know to eliminate any confusion.

Mafia: Trilogy comes with Definitive Editions of all three games. Mafia is a full remake, 2010’s Mafia II is remastered in 4K, and 2016’s Mafia III comes with all of the post-launch DLC. If you purchase the trilogy, you’ll gain access to the latter two immediately and Mafia: Definitive Edition on August 28. You don’t have to play the series in order, so you’ll be able to work your way through Mafia II and Mafia III ahead of the release of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

For those who already own Mafia II on Steam, you can upgrade to the Definitive Edition right now free of charge. If you own Mafia III on PS4, Xbox One, or Steam, you’ll be upgraded to the Definitive Edition immediately as well. Those who have Mafia II and/or Mafia III will be able to get the trilogy at a reduced price (granting access to Mafia: Definitive Edition).

Alternatively, if you only care about the lavish remake of the first Mafia game, you can pre-order it now for $40. Mafia II: Definitive Edition is also available separately for $30, and Mafia III: Definitive Edition can be found for $30 or less.

Each Mafia game follows a different protagonist who works their way up the ranks of a crime organization. The original Mafia takes place during the 1930s at the height of prohibition and stars Tommy Angelo. Mafia II jumps forward to the 1940s and 1950s but retains the Italian mob theme. Mafia III moves to the 1960s in a setting inspired by the American South, specifically New Orleans.

Mafia: Trilogy and Mafia: Definitive Edition pre-order bonuses

Chicago Outfit Pack
Chicago Outfit Pack

Those who purchase the Mafia: Trilogy or pre-order Mafia: Definitive Edition will receive the Chicago Outfit bonus pack, which comes with the following in-game goodies for Mafia: Definitive Edition:

  • Smith V12 limousine
  • Gold semi-automatic pistol weapon skin
  • The Don outfit

You’ll also get bonus protagonist outfits and vehicles for each Definitive Edition you own–and you can use those bonuses in any of the three games:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition: Tommy Angelo’s suit and cab
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition: Vito Scaletta’s leather jacket and sports car
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition: Lincoln Clay’s army jacket and muscle car

If that wasn’t enough, linking your free 2K account to your platform of choice unlocks even more items:

  • Mafia: Definitive Edition: Black Cats Motorcycle Pack
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition: Made Man Pack
  • Mafia III: Definitive Edition: Classico three-piece suit & IL Duca revolver

Buy Mafia: Trilogy | $60

Mafia: Trilogy
Mafia: Trilogy

If you’re new to the Mafia series, the Mafia Trilogy makes the most sense. You’ll get all three games and the pre-order bonuses. The PC version of Mafia: Trilogy isn’t live just yet, but you can purchase PS4 and Xbox One copies now. In addition to Steam, Mafia: Trilogy will eventually arrive on the Epic Games Store.

Pre-order Mafia: Definitive Edition | $40

Mafia: Definitive EditionMafia: Definitive Edition
Mafia: Definitive Edition

You can pre-order Mafia: Definitive Edition separately for $40, and you’ll still get the pre-order bonuses. Mafia: Definitive Edition looks like the most visually impressive game of the bunch, and the fact that it has been fully remade should help to modernize the understandably dated mechanics. Pre-orders are live on all three platforms right now.

Buy Mafia II: Definitive Edition | $30

Mafia II: Definitive EditionMafia II: Definitive Edition
Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Mafia II’s Definitive Edition, which is remastered in HD and supports 4K, is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for $30. PC users get the upgrade for free if they already own Mafia II on Steam. But this is the first time Mafia II has been available as a PS4 or Xbox One title (Mafia II for Xbox 360 is backward-compatible, though).

Buy Mafia III: Definitive Edition | $10-$30

Mafia IIIMafia III
Mafia III

Digital listings for Mafia III have also converted to “Definitive Edition,” so you’ll get all of the story expansions and DLC released for Mafia III with your purchase. If you own a physical copy of Mafia III, you can simply download all of the DLC packs for free now.

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