Maneater Launch Trailer Looks Like The Meg From The Sharks Perspective

Maneater is out on PC, PS4, and XBox One on May 22 (and will come to Switch later this year), so it’s not long now until we can take control of the game’s shark protagonist and wreck havoc. It reminds us a lot of The Meg, Jason Statham’s fun shark action movie, but with the comedy ramped right up.

The trailer frames Maneater as the next season of a shlocky TV drama about a shark out for revenge. Said shark will be able to fight other sharks, leap out of the water to eat people, and spin through the air to dodge bullets–so don’t expect anything too scientifically accurate.

Check out the trailer below–but bear in mind that it’s pretty violent.

One thing’s for sure–it looks a lot better than earlier shark action game Jaws Unleashed, a game that never once let you smack an explosive canister into a boat with your tail like you were spiking a volleyball.

Maneater will retail for $40 across all platforms. For more details, here’s the game’s first 13 minutes.

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