Deal: Apex Legends Special Editions Are 6 Bucks At Amazon (PS4, Xbox One)

Apex Legends Season 5 kicked off just over a week ago, adding a new playable character and a brand-new PvE, story-driven Quests mode to the popular online shooter. Of course, Apex Legends is always free to play, but the game has a few different collectible physical editions that offer some in-game goodies. Right now, you can snag two of those physical editions–the Bloodhound Edition and the Lifeline Edition– for just $6 each, down from their usual $20 price tag.

The Bloodhound Edition includes a Legendary “The Intimidator” skin for the legend along with the “Wrath Bringer” Prowler weapon skin. You’ll also get an exclusive “Feeling Impish” banner and an exclusive “Tormenter” badge. Plus, you’ll get 1,000 Apex Coins to use in-game.

The Lifeline Edition includes similar perks. Besides 1,000 Apex Coins, you’ll also receive the Legendary “Guardian Angel” skin for Lifeline and the “Chooser of the Slain” Flatline weapon skin. In addition, you’ll get an exclusive “Winged Guardian” banner and an exclusive “Angel Struck” badge.

You can check out the current deals on both Apex editions below. While PlayStation Plus is not needed to play Apex Legends on PS4, you will need an active Xbox Live Gold membership to play online with friends on Xbox One.

The Apex Legends Season 5 patch is out now, with the biggest addition being the new playable character Loba, a talented thief that can keep your squad stocked with gear during a match. Loba’s abilities allow her to see loot through walls, teleport, and steal nearby armor, weapons, and ammo. Season 5 has also brought major changes to King’s Canyon’s landscape as well as a new battle pass that offers new rewards to earn and challenges to complete as you play.

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Apex Legends – Meet Loba Character Trailer

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