Pokemon Home Now Lets You Trade Directly With Friends, But Only For A Limited Time

Pokemon Home‘s 1.1.0 update is now live on iOS and Android. The update implements the Battle Data feature, which displays your online battle stats as well as overall rankings, current online competitions, and more. To celebrate the launch of the update, Pokemon Home’s trading features have also been enhanced for a limited time.

First, you can now directly trade Pokemon with players on your friends list over the internet. Previously, you could only perform direct trades with friends locally, making this is the first time you can trade with them from far away in Pokemon Home.

Additionally, the time it takes to complete trades via Wonder Box has been shortened, allowing you to use that feature more frequently. The amount of times you can join a free Room Trade group has also been increased from three to 10.

As previously mentioned, it appears these trading enhancements are only temporary, and it’s currently unclear how long they’ll be available. The in-app news update says there will be a separate notification before the limited time period ends.

In other Pokemon news, The Pokemon Company is giving away free Galarian forms in Sword and Shield to celebrate the upcoming launch of the games’ first expansion, Isle of Armor, which is slated to release in June. Each week for the next month, players can claim a Galarian Pokemon with its Hidden Ability, along with some helpful items.

Gigantamax Eevee is also currently appearing in Max Raid dens. Previously, the only way to obtain this Pokemon was if you had save data for Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee on your Switch. Gigantamax Eevee will be available until May 25, when it’ll be replaced by another previously exclusive Pokemon: Gigantamax Meowth.

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