Fallout 76 Fasnacht Day Event Kicks Off After Technical Issues

Those looking forward to the Fasnacht Day parade in Fallout 76 have had their prayers answered; the event is back on after experiencing technical issues at launch on May 25. Robots will be set loose upon Appalachia every hour for the duration of the event, and Bethesda has extended the festivities until June 9.

Fasnacht Day is part of the May community calender for Fallout 76 (below), which includes other events like a Double XP weekend earlier on in the month, backpack vanity upgrades shortly after that, and the upcoming submission window for players who want to contribute to the “Black and White” gallery which will go on show in June.

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Fasnacht Day is inspired by a Swiss cultural festival called the Carnival of Basel, though in Fallout 76 it involves players hunting robots through the wasteland while said robots wear creepy masks and try to murder everyone. The event had originally launched on 25 May but was quickly taken down because of a problem with spawning creatures in the game, and it wasn’t until recently that Bethesda confirmed on its community forums it had fixed the event so that everyone’s favorite killer machines could be interacted with again.

Now, the event is live again and Fallout 76 players will be able to enjoy picking up rare collectibles and cosmetics from defeating the Fasnacht Day robots between now and June 9. There will also be seasonal items added to the Atomic Shop that are currently available for free to be snapped up during the Fasnacht Day festivities. The Wastelanders gallery that fans were able to submit to last month will also go live during this time, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

While we may not be getting a Bethesda E3 showcase this year, other studios like Sony are still planning events during the month of June. Get caught up here on what we know about the upcoming PlayStation 5 reveal that might take place on June 3 as one of the many replacement shows for E3.

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