Where To Buy A Switch: Nintendo Switch Bundles In Stock At GameStop

Though it’s not nearly as crucial as hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper, and other household goods, the Nintendo Switch console is seeing a major national shortage right now, as major retailers respond to increased demand for online goods due to the coronavirus outbreak. The $300 console is seeing increased demand as more people find themselves stuck indoors and looking for a good way to play some video games. The Nintendo Switch very briefly came into stock at Best Buy this afternoon, but it sold out as quickly as it appeared. However, GameStop just reposted some of its Neon Red and Blue Switch game bundles, available for $445 each. They come with the console, a Pro controller, a first-party Switch game, and tempered glass screen protector. $445 happens to be the exact value of each bundle, but it’s obviously not ideal that you’re being forced to buy a certain game and accessories. That said, these bundles always manage to sell out regardless.

According to Nintendo, more regular Switch consoles will be restocked soon. “Nintendo Switch hardware is selling out at various retail locations in the US, but more systems are on the way. We apologize for any inconvenience,” Nintendo told GameSpot in an email statement.

It’s rare to find the regular Nintendo Switch in stock right now, but we’ve seen it come back into stock on occasion. However, online restocks usually sell out within a minute or less. Some places, like GameStop and Best Buy, let you check availability at your local store, and if you can find it in stock, they may do curbside pickup so you don’t even have to go inside. You can check the current listings and availability below. We check for availability frequently and update this story anytime we spot the Switch in stock.


GameStop’s pricey Nintendo Switch bundles are back in stock today.


The Nintendo Switch is sold out of both colors at Amazon. Third-party sellers are selling the console at a mark-up.

Best Buy

The Nintendo Switch is sold out of both colors at Best Buy.


The Nintendo Switch is sold out of both colors at Walmart. Third-party sellers are selling the console at a mark-up.


The Nintendo Switch is sold out of both colors at Target.

Nintendo Switch out of stock

While not available at MSRP, you can check current listings for the regular Nintendo Switch below. Some stores simply list the console as unavailable, while others are allowing third-party sellers to offer the console for much higher prices, usually around $400-$500.

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