Demons Souls On PS5 Gets One New Screenshot, And Its A Big One

Demon’s Souls is getting a PS5 remake, and it looks stunning. Now, a single new screenshot has emerged on the official PlayStation 5 games site, and while a single new screenshot often isn’t newsworthy, this one is different.

The screenshot, below, shows what we believe is the Tower Knight, a huge boss encountered in the courtyard of Boletarian Palace in the original game. The fight against Tower Knight was made very difficult in the original release by eight archers who attacked you during the encounter, and we imagine it’ll remain difficult on PS5.

Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5
Demon’s Souls for PlayStation 5

This screenshot is also another example of just how good Demon’s Souls will look on PS5, thanks to the expertise of developer Bluepoint Games.

For comparison, here’s a shot of Tower Knight from the PS3 original, taken from this video by YouTube creator Abyssen the Holy.

The original Demon's Souls on PlayStation 3
The original Demon’s Souls on PlayStation 3

Demon’s Souls is just one of many games announced during the PS5 reveal event. From Software, the game’s original developer, is currently working on Elden Ring.

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