Top New Video Games Out On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week — July 19-25, 2020

New Releases is here to highlight some of the top new games launching each week, and this episode features some indies you shouldn’t let slip under your radar, like the 8-bit Panzer Paladin, the bloody Carrion, and the snow-covered Roki. Nintendo Switch also proves its power with Crysis Remastered, and Dying Light gets its new Hellraid DLC.

Panzer Paladin — July 21

Available on: PC, Switch

This platformer puts you in control of Flame. The little pilot can take on the game’s 17 stages himself or hop into his mech suit to really bring the heat. While in the suit, you can steal weapons from enemies and turn them against your foes, or snap the weapons in half to unleash powerful magic. There are more than 100 of them to wield.

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Crysis Remastered — July 23

Available on: Switch

Crysis Remastered
Crysis Remastered

Crysis was once the benchmark title for top-of-the-line PCs, and after a delay, the remaster is coming first to Switch. As you explore its open world, you can wield all sorts of weapons as you battle enemy soldiers and aliens–some firefights even happen in zero gravity. Your super-powered suit lets you bring the pain with a variety of powers, too.

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Carrion — July 23

Available on: Xbox One, PC, Switch


Carrion is being called a “reverse horror game” because you actually play as the monster. Your goal is to escape the facility where you’ve been tortured by scientists and guards, and you’ll get your revenge as you grow in size and gain new powers. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can jump in on day one.

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Dying Light: Hellraid — July 23

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Dying Light: HellraidDying Light: Hellraid
Dying Light: Hellraid

Hellraid was once a totally separate game from developer Techland, but it was put on hold. A few years later, the studio has revived the game as DLC for Dying Light. You can leave Dying Light’s city streets behind as you step into a tower filled with medieval monsters. As you take runs through the tower, you’ll rank up and earn new weapons–and those weapons can be taken back into the main game too.

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[Update: The Hellraid DLC has been delayed to August 13. This announcement was made after the publishing of this video.]

Roki — July 23

Available on: PC, Switch


Roki is based on Scandinavian folklore, so expect to encounter a few different monsters on your journey. Protagonist Tove goes into the wilderness to find her missing family, and her quest will include exploration and puzzle-solving. Her handy journal will help you keep track of where you’ve been and the loot you’ve collected.

July isn’t over just yet. Next week, New Releases will wrap the month up with some chances to revisit games you might’ve missed the first time around: the Destroy All Humans remake and the Xbox One release of Yakuza Kiwami 2.

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