Gmail could be getting a huge workplace overhaul

Google’s major productivity theme this year seems to be consolidation. Last month, we learned it would be integrating Meet video chats into Gmail. But the company is apparently going even further for corporate users, Android Police reports. Developer Tahin Rahman came across photos from Google Cloud Next, the company’s current online event, which reveal that Google Chat, Docs, Rooms and Meet will get integrated into Gmail for Gsuite users. Update: Google confirmed the news in a GSuite blog post.

It makes a lot of sense for Google to focus on Gmail as the lynchpin of its workplace collaboration suite. It’s the first thing many workers open up, and it’s a central location they return to every day. The screenshots show a simplified interface for moving between the different services: On iOS and Android, you’ll get four icons at the bottom of the screen, while on the web they’ll appear in Gmail’s left menu. Chat will let you have on-on-one conversations with colleagues, Rooms is Google’s solution for Slack-esque group chats, Meet, of course, is where you’ll go for video chats.