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A Secret to Weight Loss as Presented by a Nutritional Expert.


Hi Folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet well in our opinion, of course, Bob We’re talking into an apple basically all right Yeah, that’s gonna be part of my lunch after this, so oh did you hear that? We’ve got a guest here Yep, hi Craig again from the other day I’m here today to talk about calorie density. So we’re gonna talk about how to This is a good way to diet basically and lose weight is what we’re going to and this is great I think we’re gonna have some great visual demonstrations here of How to eat and why to eat the certain foods and doing it a healthy way So I think this is a great thing but Bob I do see a couple of people out there We have not seen before. If you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free And we upload every day the subscription buttons over there or down there, and if you haven’t yet Please like us on Facebook We have lots of free gifts there quite often, contests that you can join to get some free stuff.

All right Let’s talk about Craig, Craig why don’t you give us your introduction.

Let us know who you are, okay yeah, my name is Craig Martin I’m currently a graduate student at UW Lacrosse mastering community health education with an emphasis on diet nutrition and disease reversal through whole-food plant-based diet And Craig can you tell us just a little bit about your personal story about because you said you’ve had some weight loss and The asthma story is interesting too So it’s interesting I live in Wisconsin I was lactose Intolerant I worked at a cheese factory and It’s a requirement when you live in Wisconsin.

Yeah, and actually that’s what got me interested in diet Well, I was already interested in the diet when I became lactose-intolerant But what I found more interesting is when I started working in the cheese industry We would shut down For cheese production for lunch and then we would start up again and then we’d shut down at the end of the day and what I found was this goes along with heart disease too, the inside of the pipes of The cheese when we were manufacturing cheese inside the pipes were coated with cheese And when we would take those pipes apart at the end of the day we would have to scrape out hard cheese sometimes these cheese pipes would be so occluded you could barely get any through there and That made me realize what I was eating had an impact not only on my weight But also on my health, I stopped eating cheese after I started working at a cheese factory Because I just thought oh my gosh what is it doing? Not only that but cheese is very calorically dense A 1-ounce cube of cheese Which is about the size of two dice has 100 calories in it and when you think about it That’s a small amount of cheese.

That’s about the size of that one apple there Probably has 100 calories, but if that was the cheese that would probably be about 600 calories so when you look at the food that way And you start to realize where your calories are coming from it really can help you visualize How much food you can eat and still lose weight. Craig how much weight have you lost?

Well, I started following a whole foods plant-based diet after I saw the devastating effects of cheese And I lost about 40 pounds so at my heaviest I was about 166 now I’m about 128 130. And I look at you You look like a naturally thin person. I mean you do, you don’t look like someone that was ever overweight. Yeah Interestingly enough, I mean yeah, I thought you were one of those lucky people that Eat anything you want never gain weight.

Yeah, well now I eat anything I want and I never gain weight, but before I used to eat anything I wanted and I gained weight so and tell them your age too because I think you look younger than you, are yeah I’m 36 years old I get a lot of people telling me I look like I’m in my early 20s, right and you do yeah Exactly, so you’re a walking testimony to Plant-based diet, correct yeah, yeah, and didn’t you say your asthma had a chance with this diet Yeah when I cut the dairy out of my diet.

I had asthma for 30 years and As soon as I cut the dairy out it was funny. I’d run a half-marathon in Green Bay. I always wanted to run a half-marathon I’d done that and my parents were like Craig where’s your inhaler? Where are your asthma symptoms like what is going on and I went oh yeah I don’t have asthma anymore, it had been a gradual transition, the longer I went without the animal products in my diet the greater the benefits were, and From that point on I ran the half marathon, and I said I can run a marathon And then I did and I almost I was like 14 minutes shy of qualifying for Boston Cool great, so my first marathon ever and I had never run before because I couldn’t so we got some visualization So what’s all this about? So what I have here This is very interesting This right here is five pounds of lettuce This is also 500 calories So I mean if you feel this is pretty heavy, I don’t want to you know Knock out of your chair, don’t drop it 500 calories, And then what I have here this is what 500 calories of cauliflower broccoli and carrots look like Still quite large, quite large, not as big Now we eat about 2,000 calories a day So you could eat four bowls of this a day and you’d get 2,000 calories So there you go, you would probably fill up before you would ever finish this and if you had to eat That all day you’d lose weight because you wouldn’t be able to eat enough calories in a given day So I mean that’s just there in and of itself is a testament to What 500 calories looks like how that will fill your stomach because honestly this right Here is about the size of our stomachs What do we have there?

Well and this these are there’s a bunch of little w’s on these.

Peanut M&Ms. Yeah, and this is 500 calories of peanut M&Ms. Wow, And when you compare that to this 500, you want to lift that up? This is my weakness right here peanut M&Ms This is amazing.

Which one do you think would fill your stomach, which one would fill you up? That’s why we snack on these all day, and we never get full Now if we ate that, we’d get full, now granted I would never just eat this alone, I would probably use a dash of balsamic vinegar on that something to replace the olive oil because this olive oil if that were used to coat this That would make that 1000 Calories, so that’s 500 calories on its own Yeah, this is 500 calories compared to this little You know when you look at it 500 calories That’s what 500 calories looks like next to each other and I’m thinking well It’s okay cuz olive oil’s healthy, and that’s all like good calories Right well, I mean, it’s all extra calories.

You can use balsamic vinegar You could use other types of kinds of vinegar they have some very good Flavored vinegar, you could go online to olivetap.com And you can look at some of the flavored vinegar that they have and you can use that in place You know that’s a very low-calorie option that still gets your lettuce moist And that’s what you’re looking for and it has really good flavors, right Or you could use this and dump 500 calories on your salad, sure 500 calories out of a 2,000 Calorie diet which is a lot To just get the flavor on your salad exactly yeah, so than other examples here This is 500 calories of sweet potato. I had to cut to the sweet potato So there’s some air in here, but If you boil sweet potatoes, or boil any potato Studies have shown that potatoes are one of the most filling foods that people can eat It’s what we put on that potato that becomes problematic.

So if you’re putting butter on your potato You’re increasing the calorie density of the food Just kind of like olive oil because butter is 100% fat just like olive oil’s 100% fat So what would you recommend to put on potatoes? So for potatoes I either put salsa or some stew or something else because when you eat a baked potato It’s dry Really all you’re trying to do is you’re trying to moisten it up To get it to a flavor that you can like otherwise you can mash the potato pour in some Vegetable broth some low sodium vegetable broth, well that’s usually high in sodium Yes, so you’d want low sodium vegetable broth, no salt added, is there such a thing, there are Yep, or you can make your own if you’re feeling adventurous What do we have in front of us? We have some oatmeal, now this is dried oatmeal So actually dried oatmeal is actually calorically dense However when you add water to it and you rehydrate it This would swell in your stomach so I mean it would probably Fill I should have done that before but it would probably still about half of this bowl sure But the nice thing about calorie density whether this be oatmeal or Rice when you mix these foods with it You’re going to fill up your stomach more So I would always every morning when I have my oatmeal I add berries to it Because berries are not as calorie Calorie density is based on a few things, the amount of water in a product the amount of fiber the amount of fat in that product and the amount of sugar and Or you know carbohydrates or however we want to use the term sugar or carbohydrates or starch Ccalorically dense items contain usually more fat or they are lacking water Or fiber.

That’s why this is pure fat it’s 1 gram of fat is 9 calories per gram, 1 gram of sugar is 4 calories per gram so it’s double the density already Based on how we view fats and sugars So with fruit and stuff you’re saying there’s more water obviously in fruit? So I get into trouble with dehydration sometimes And I’ve been eating fewer carbs.

Is that possible because I’m eating fewer carbs I’m getting less water from food, and I need to drink more? I mean is that? It could be Yeah if you were to have a Steamed sweet potato there would be a lot of water in there, if you were to have steamed potatoes You would have a lot more water Where if you’re having something like this, these are pretty dry, right You know and I always thought like when I ate peanuts which I eat roasted peanuts now Before I obviously I’d get dehydrated because of the salt But now it seems like I still almost get dehydrated because I’m not taking any water in through the food itself Exactly yeah, it’s one interesting thing When you’re eating more whole fruits and vegetables. You’re actually getting more water Which means you don’t have to drink as much water because you’re getting it through another source So if I understand you right we can eat Peanut M&Ms if we drink water with it Well, that’s one way of understanding it.

I like you.

This is fun now. No, yeah So I would say drink a lot of water so these float on top. Because otherwise that water will filter through and you’ll just be left with this left in your stomach And that’s not going to fill you. What’s the one at the end, did we talk about it? No, this is about 500 calories of nuts, I mean I would never tell anyone not to eat them But the thing is when you’re eating food you have to realize that this is still 500 calories So whether or not you think it’s well it’s fine.

Well it is fine It is healthy, but not a lot goes very far away, so I don’t know if we mentioned it But this is approximately the size of an average human stomach yeah stomachs do stretch And my stomach stretches a lot. I eat a lot of food because I eat more of these foods So my stomach has to be adaptable because otherwise, I would starve. I mean not starve. I mean I just eat a lot more So what about the saturation factor? I mean I eat nuts and I seem to fill up on them quicker Do you know what I mean?

Yeah, like a lot of times I can eat some of the other foods and obviously, I could have eaten a lot more obviously I didn’t realize but you know I was still hungry after, where I eat the Almonds, and it seems like I’m held over longer Something to remember there is fiber in this so the fiber is what fills you up There’s no fiber in here.

So you could drink this, I wouldn’t recommend it right but There’s no fiber in there to keep you feeling fuller longer, fiber is the secret gun On saturation quite often I mean yeah yeah Actually, it’s fiber the amount of fiber and the amount of water in a product of food actually keeps You feeling fuller longer, so you’re more satisfied And that’s the one thing they found with potatoes is when you boil potatoes There’s so much water in there that they just keep you full so much longer And then not to mention all the fiber that’s in there as well, so Yeah, what about, I know we’re over timing, but one more thing I want to just, what about spaghetti itself, what are your thoughts on spaghetti? I eat spaghetti almost daily.

You do? I do What do you eat with it?

I usually then will some toast with it. What do you put on it? Do you put anything on it? On my spaghetti? I have spaghetti sauce.

I have a fat-free spaghetti sauce that I purchased I Sprinkle on parsley Italian seasoning I like nutritional yeast I don’t know if you’ve ever had nutritional yeast it kind of has a cheesy flavor I didn’t like it at first, but I kind of adapted my taste buds And then just a little cracked pepper on it That’s what I use some, sounds good, I miss spaghetti. Yeah And then I was going to say one more thing this is 500 calories of fruit the only thing is this is blackberries and raspberries I couldn’t get the blueberries in here So this is about 2.5 pounds of food, so these should be in here too so that’s 500 calories of food Oh these should be in there with it. So they’re pretty good, too. Oh, yeah Yeah, they’re very good, and remember all these foods here contain carbohydrates now these foods contain this has no carbohydrate, but it’s 500 calories This is 5 pounds of carbohydrate essentially so carbohydrates Aren’t necessarily the villain it’s the medium or the food that brings in the carbohydrates That contain fat and everything else because this is carbohydrate as well, but there’s also a lot of fat in here, right?

And that’s what drives up the caloric density of this food, so I’m assuming there’s sugar There is sugar in there as well.

Yeah, but when you’re looking at everyone says carbohydrates are the villain well It’s really these high-fat foods that we eat that are more villainous than a carbohydrate because these all contain carbohydrates too So look how much you can eat and look at how little you can eat here, and then there are dyes in there And we have all of those other things we want to avoid And stay away from Well one way or another yeah, we want to very much Thank Craig for taking the time very interesting kind of screwed up my whole diet, but that’s alright I’ll make some changes, but we’ll look and see we’re going to do here. I’m going to be drinking water with my M&Ms now That’s right At least you’re drinking some water. Thanks again Craig, oh yeah, you’re welcome. Thank you, guys.

Thanks for joining us.

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5 Things to Know Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey


Whether you’re starting for the very first time or have tried every type of weight loss solution for the hundredth time, there are ways to prepare yourself to improve your chances of success. Hi! I’m Dr. Brian Yeung, a naturopathic doctor in Toronto. Based on my experiences treating hundreds of weight loss patients here are 5 steps you can take before starting your own weight loss journey.

1.) Set proper expectations.

Realize that weight loss will be a journey. It will take time. It took time for your body to put on the weight, and it will take time for it to come off.

  Weight loss is rarely a linear event. It’s usually fastest when you’re just starting a weight loss protocol,  maybe 2-4 pounds per week, or even more for some, but expect it to slow down and become harder to maintain weight loss as you continue to lose weight. When that happens differs greatly between individuals but understand that this is a normal reaction from your body. Your body changes as you lose weight, and essentially is becoming acclimated to the initial weight loss protocol you started with.

You will need to work harder and expect potentially slower results as you lose more and more weight.

This is not a failure on your part, it’s to be expected. A 5 lb weight loss in the first week should be celebrated just as much as a 1 lb loss in the 18th week.  As long as your overall weight trajectory is downwards, you’re still on track! 2.) Be prepared for failure.

A common characteristic of yo-yo dieters is the all or none mindset.  That is, if you start a weight loss protocol, you have to go all the way, as hard as you can,  otherwise, it’s not worth doing it all, and if they make a mistake or fall for temptation,  they may feel extremely guilty about it and simply give up trying at all. While this mindset may be helpful for some people to temporarily lose weight quickly in the short term, it tends to cause most people issues with maintaining weight loss in the long term, as it creates this cycle of dieting hard,  then giving in to temptation, and giving up, then regaining the weight again, and then dieting hard again to try to lose the weight that was gained. It creates an unhealthy relationship with food and causes additional anxiety and stress whenever you eat.

Be prepared to fail, and rather than dreading it or feeling guilty about it, look at it as a way to learn.

Failure can be quite helpful at identifying personal weaknesses so that in your future weight loss protocols you are able to plan for and overcome the same issues that caused you to fail. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.  3.) Identify and deal with weaknesses. This is information you may not have right away but will be important to collect as you begin your weight loss protocol.

You may have some ideas based on your known eating habits. Things like being prone to snacking or being an emotional eater. If you’ve been losing weight for a while, you should have an idea about what parts of your weight loss journey are most challenging to you. You’ll likely get most of this information out of your failures,  particularly what it is that caused you to fail or fall off your diet.

Once you’ve identified these problems you’ll need to create or find strategies to mitigate these issues.

For example, if you find yourself idle snacking way too often, remove all those snacks from your house to help you control yourself. If you never seem to have enough time to cook proper healthy meals, find a meal plan that’s easy for you to prep one day and then store it for the rest of the week. The more weaknesses you can identify and plan to deal with the easier your weight loss journey becomes.  4.) Get social support.

Surround yourself with positive support and don’t be afraid to let your friends and family know what you’re trying to do. Join an interactive online weight-loss community to share stories and talk about challenges. Look for forums specifically tailored to your situation,  like if you’re a diabetic, look for a forum of diabetics trying to lose weight, or if you’re trying to follow the ketogenic diet, join a forum of ketogenic dieters. I highly recommend you actually communicate and interact with the community, as it offers a much better level of support than being a passive observer and simply reading about it.

It’s important to find individuals that are supportive and knowledgeable of your weight loss journey, as they help keep you on track,  identify challenges you may face, and offer valuable tips and life experience.

5.) Use the right tools.  There are a whole plethora of tools and weight loss aids you can use to make your journey smoother,  everything from calorie or food tracking apps to supplements to vitamin and nutrient injection therapies to weight-loss surgeries. Figuring out which ones work well for you can be almost as important as finding a diet that works for you. For example, if you need a more systematic approach to weight loss or have less experience losing weight, tracking apps or dietary plans may be helpful.

 If you’re feeling tired all the time and your body is having trouble burning fat, Vitamin Injection Therapies may help boost your sluggish metabolism. Understand that these tools, while helpful during your weight loss journey, should not replace the most fundamental principles of your journey,  such as having an effective weight loss diet or having an appropriate weight loss mindset.  These tools are just here to help you, ultimately the success of your own weight loss journey rests on yourself.

Let me know in the comments down below if you have any experiences starting your own weight loss journey, and if you found this video helpful please leave me alike. As before, I’m Dr.

 Brian Yeung, bringing you weight loss tips on this channel. Subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’re interested in learning more, and share it with someone you know can use the help..

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CREATING THE LIFE I WANT: My morning routine (aesthetic) + how I create healthy habits *motivating*


hey, you don’t forget to subscribe it helps me out so much also if you like more of the fashioning side of my content and want to get more personal with me make sure to go ahead and follow me on Instagram so head on over and don’t forget to show me some love oh good morning if you guys have never taken the time to ice roll this is something you should definitely do I want to get a really good one this one is just from target but it does the job it really does.

I’ve been like waking up super puffy and I just think it’s like all the food I was eating in Europe and I’m just like getting back into my routine and but it does such a good job of puffing your face when you wake up in the morning and it just wakes me up like honestly really reduces the inflammation on the face it just wakes you up I love it so I’m about to make breakfast and this morning I just want something like really light but still tastes really really good thank god.

I have a daily harvest in my fridge because I have not gone to the grocery store I just don’t know what it is I don’t feel like it, I don’t feel like cooking anything crazy but I want to get back into my routine as I slowly transitioned from vacation mine to being back home so this morning I’m going to be making a strawberry peach smoothie from daily harvest it has strawberry banana peach raspberry oats goji berries are all organic that sounds so good like I just want something fruity and nice nothing too crazy and it’s so easy it’s all in here.

I could just take the lid off and then it has like a straw so I can just reuse the cup which I love and then I’m going to make their forager bowls this is a raspberry and mulberry seeded forgivable like doesn’t that sound good like that just sounds so like lavish and the crazy thing is I’m doing absolutely nothing like this takes me so quick to cook this so this one has raspberries apples almonds cauliflower butternut squash coconut it is um organic and transitional organic.

If you’re a person that’s always on the go you need something like daily harvest in the morning you can pop this in the microwaves cook them on the stove and it’s so quick but you’re eating clean still so that’s something I really love I love daily harvest so I just want to thank daily harvest for sponsoring this portion of the video.

If you are beginning to eat healthily you just  don’t know where to start I definitely recommend looking into daily harvest it’s incredibly easy  you don’t have to think about it you know what you’re putting in your body is super clean I love daily harvest if you are new to my channel I’ve talked about them before just because it is  genuinely something I use and love if you guys saw my freezer it has nothing but daily harvest in it I’ve not gone to the grocery store

Since I’ve been home I’ve been running around doing so many things these are the moments that I’m appreciative for daily harvest it is something that’s made such a difference on my health journey just because I will always have something on hand so I’m not slipping up and these are the things that I always talk about tips that I give you guys if you’re on a new health journey if you’re just beginning it can be hard to make an adjustment.

So I always recommend to people have something on hand at all times that you can just grab and go for those times that you’re busy you don’t feel like cooking or you may be having like a week moment but even for just every day I love having daily harvest on hand I’m a smoothie girl in the morning I’m either drinking matcha or I’m having a smoothie you guys know that so everything is dairy-free gluten-free and plant-based they never use gums preservatives or artificial.

Anything which is super super important to me and if you’re not a person that gravitates or eating your fruit and veggies every single day and you’re struggling to get it in they make it so easy because it tastes so good you don’t even realize you’re eating the number of veggies that you need per day which is highly important to me and they make it super easy for you so you can go on their website they have a  plan that you can pick from they have 90 options that you can choose from every day on their website so if you want a variety if you want to change things up that’s definitely there as well they just have so much flexibility.

You can also choose if you want your meals to come to you weekly or monthly you choose very transparent they have all the ingredients listed in bold on each meal so you know what you’re eating so if you are interested in trying daily harvest which I highly recommend using my code I have a discount code for you take this chance use my discount code and try it.

Click the link down in the description bar enter my code Alexis to get 40 off your first box which is so good so try it I highly recommend you guys always see me eating them because i love it so I’m just gonna sit down eat my breakfast really quickly I have a really really busy day i have a  lot of things i want to get done today really trying to get back into the swing of things into my routine and I just like really want to start off today really really fresh do all my routines and kind of get the most of the things done on my to-do list that I’m going to create so something I’ve been implementing is listening to mantras while I eat breakfast.

I could easily take this time and be on my phone be distracted be in other people’s worlds I really really want to start practicing really taking my mornings for me and every minute that I can and just making sure I’m preparing myself and giving myself the energy I need instead of being focused on what other people are doing or what’s going on as I gave myself a moment earlier to check my phone and I swear like once you listen to something positive it really has an effect on you so try that if you never have but I’m listening to I am affirmations for women by Alana fox on youtube um.

If I remember I will link it down below but it’s literally my favorite it always gets me so motivated so I’m just gonna play these and just like get myself in the mindset you know what I mean to get myself into what the woman I am striving to be done at this moment and this is something she would do she would focus on herself she would give herself the energy she gives to other people first.

I’ve been doing it and it makes the world of difference energetic I am powerful I am loved i am okay so I am finished with breakfast I’ve done this before in my morning routine so this is probably nothing new to you guys but I’ve become a person where I cannot work if my environment is messy and i used to not be like that I used to be a messy girl but now I just cannot and let me show you guys this house that is made stuff everywhere I just like to pile things here the dishes are a no like that’s a huge no.

This is where we put everything after traveling like you just threw it in here and was just like no the woman I want to be is clean so I like to implement that in my mornings every single morning try adding this into your morning routine it’s really really helpful and i just put a timer on for 20 minutes and whatever I get done in that 20 minutes is what I get done but my house is cleaner than it was when i woke up, either way, you’re benefiting from it so try it out so quickly.

I have to tell you guys this candle right here it’s lit but it is the best fall smelling candle fig tree by anthropology and it’s like not overly fall it’s like a good mix like you get a fall hint smell and they last forever your entire house smells good forever so I really really I know they’re expensive.

These candles are expensive but I’m obsessed with them like I literally have the best holiday candles it’s like a really luxurious fall candle I would say if I can find it linking down below I will like I like having this on all day and then if I want more of a pumpkiny smell I got this one from target for  10 bucks and you know what it actually likes works like my when you walk in my house it smells like pumpkin but it’s not overpowering either but it lasts all day long like I can continuously smell the pumpkin cinnamon pumpkin muffin by scented soy candle and it is so good.

So if you’re looking for a fall candle definitely check out the target and the brand scented by soy candle okay so now it’s my favorite time of the morning I feel like you guys already know what I’m about to do it’s like literally my favorite thing I talk about all the time just give me a bit of advice like if you struggle with anything like depression anxiety.

I’ve recently got re-diagnosed with PTSD anything like that I feel like it’s just crucial especially when you’re going through a really hard time with it like you’re in one of your moments where it’s just like consistent it’s so important to spend time with yourself and sit with your feelings and try to understand where it’s coming from recently my therapist told me to pick up this book that I’m reading right here it is called what happened to you conversations on trauma resilience and healing.

If you struggle with any type of trauma I highly recommend this book I’ve only gotten through the first chapter it can be kind of a hard read but for me why it brings me such peace is that I can kind of understand what is going on in my mind in my body when I’m going through kind of a hard time so I like to read a chapter in the morning or at night whatever I’m feeling so I might jump into this morning and then you guys know my five-minute journal I’m thinking about creating my own though just because like I love this five-minute journal I want to like space where I can really script and write out my affirmations every single day and my goals for the month a year I don’t know I might create one of my own if you guys want one I may sell it just let me know if that’s something you’re interested in but you guys know I love it it’s like literally my favorite thing.

I love the five-minute journal so I’m gonna definitely do that and then I’m going to journal I think it’s so important and then my therapist has me working on a few things right now and I like to just do this in the morning by myself like I like to just shut my door in my room or my office and just be by myself and I really just take this time to really pay attention to what she has me doing so i can actually heal and if it makes me feel a certain way or I go whatever I make sure I allow myself to feel safe enough to do that but I’m not doing this and consistently working out eating healthy I flop like I become a different person and it’s really really hard for me to get back on track I know it’s really hard sometimes like you’re like I don’t want to spend time with myself because you don’t want to deal with whatever it is holding you back. 

But that is what’s going to set you free so try it out I like it so let’s get into it how do we go through and make meaning out of our lives when there’s so much pulling at us how to do you rest and what I would say that I’m most proud of through all of it is that through every moment I was present.

I was healthy I was myself and I could confidently say that I thrived throughout all of what was challenging and wonderful at the same time that is called wellness so I was just reading this book and i found this so interesting so i wanted to share it says more than 130 million babies are born in the world every year each arrives in their own unique set of economic and cultural circumstances some are welcomed with gratitude and joy others are more like me experiencing rejection from a young mother who dreamed of a different life a  couple crushed by pressures of poverty and an enraged father perpetuating a cycle of abuse that’s actually so crazy and insane of how true that is and it’s just insane to think about like when you are born.

You’re like born into a certain set of circumstances and you from a young age have to figure out how to not allow that to bring you down with it or get stuck in the same cycle it’s something my therapist talk about all the time crazy this book is so good you guys like um definitely highly recommend if you have experienced a trauma or anxiety depression PTSD such a good read and it just gives you a perspective that you’re not alone so the next thing i did is just picked a journal prompt when i was journaling and if you guys want to try this you guys definitely can so the journal prompt i picked today.

Write down the words you really need to hear right now and i just thought that was so powerful we kind of always are looking outward for acceptance for people to tell us how good we’re doing in life I can be that person for myself like I can tell myself what i need to hear and truly believe it it’s really really powerful I kind of just hype myself up.

You know just like reminding myself of who I am and that I don’t need to be anybody else but myself and that is good enough to show you as you could really just be there for yourself and back yourself I just feel good like I feel like I’m ready for the day ready to take on my day and just keep this momentum going what do you need to do in the morning to kind of start the momentum to kind of snowball into getting to the things you need to get done like how can you shift your mindset from I don’t want to do anything I just want to slam the couch how can you get yourself to want to do it.

How can you motivate yourself and something I’m doing every single day is like setting an intention for the day or a mantra for the day and the one that I’ve been loving I heard Kyra say this in her video and Kyra Amani said this in her video and I also heard it on tick-tock I don’t chase i attract what belongs to me will simply find me that is something I’m saying every day every single day.

Yes I don’t chase I attract what belongs to me will simply find me ugh isn’t that the truth of life I just say a mantra every single day and I just been saying this one over and over again because it just speaks volumes to me so now it’s time to go into the gym if you are struggling like me right now with your fitness journey me and my fitness journey are like you know just punching each other right in the face left and right it’s been tough it’s been really really tough and it’s been an adjustment to come back home and try to jump back into it right away and she’s not working out the way that I want it to so I’m slowly easing my way back into it.

So yeah this has been tough but we all go through these moments how I’m gonna do it it’s just ease my way back into it not gonna play too much pressure on myself but I’m also not gonna allow myself to continue to create excuses of why I can’t do this so I’m going to get myself up right now to go to the gym if I can do it you can do it even if you just go downstairs and do a 15 minute to 30-minute workout.

Do 12 30 on the treadmill do a cycling class something to just move your body and get started if you’re struggling like me this is your sign you shouldn’t have clicked this video okay let’s get up let’s work out together you better be getting up.

You better be getting up I’m gonna wear this top from white fox and it is literally so cute and when I tell you guys this set it feels almost like lululemon but without the lululemon price it feels so stretchy and it just holds you in all the right places but it’s like so smooth.

It’s like butter going on your body if you’ve ever worn a  workout set like that this is what this feels like I love this top it gives such good support I went to lululemon and I got these biker shorts because I’ve been needing some new biker shorts all the ones I have.

Like have holes in them they’re like cotton and they just like have gotten old and one thing i like about lululemon is like that doesn’t happen so I went and got these shorts these are the lululemon aligns and these are it like what let me put them on and let me show you what they look like because they look so good but before I put on my workout set I know I’m gonna get a few questions about this pajama set.

So I just went and picked up this new set that I got from skims and you guys when I say it’s like the softest thing ever it literally is it is so good so cute but okay I’m gonna change, okay so this is them but it’s like the perfect length so I would have everything linked it down below let’s do it I’m gonna stop thinking about it just like cut out the thoughts like stop thinking about it and just put my shoes on and just go downstairs and get it done okay so we are home we’re done from our workout y’all that was my first workout in a long time and i know all I did was 12 30.

I know all I did was 12 30 but y’all that was just so hard for me to get through like I didn’t even want to film myself after a second because I was struggling and that’s just embarrassing like I don’t know i and it wasn’t even physically but it was more so mentally like I just wanted to not be there.

What is going on you guys I have no idea but we are not about to let this take over we’re not I will take it very slow I’m not going to jump into crazy weight training or hit training or cycle even cycling right off the bat like 12 30 is the perfect sweet spot it is challenging enough to where you can actually lose weight and see a difference on your body but not like challenging mentally to where you have to like really really push yourself to get through it.

I’m able to at least get myself to go downstairs and get it done so if you’re struggling like that try something easy and just start I don’t know I was thriving before I left and I keep saying this but like I freaking was y’all I was losing weight I was just on it I was so happy mentally I was just thriving I was like uploading on youtube all the time September is just to kind of break the back half bad habits I formed in Europe and just get with it and not let it take me down.

So leave me some encouraging  words down below encourage each other I love you all so much so now I’m about to get in the shower  because I stink I sweat it a lot I don’t know what it was but your girl was sweating down there  a lot so um I’m gonna get in the shower and then we’ll do some skincare I’m gonna go on a whole  new skin journey and I’m gonna document it for you guys I’ll talk about it when I do my skin tomorrow

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4 Different Ways to Burn Calories Fast | How To Burn Calories Fast At Home


If you’re an experienced runner and can run at a speed of 10.9 miles an hour for 30 minutes, you’ll burn approximately 707 calories. However, this is a fast pace, and if you aren’t up to that level yet, don’t worry. Cut the speed in half and burn the same amount of calories for an hour instead. Remember, your body will plateau the minute it gets comfortable with any exercise, so find ways to push yourself each time.

Swimming can burn 700 calories in 68 minutes, and cycling at 10 miles per hour can burn the same amount in 96 minutes. However, with cycling, take into account the terrain.

Inclines of various degrees can increase your heart rate, thereby increasing your calorie burn rate Studies have shown that, on average, a person weighing 150 pounds can burn approximately 750 calories in an hour of jump roping. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories in that hour but if you weigh less, you’ll burn slightly fewer calories. However, don’t think that jumping up and down in one spot has to be boring.

Do tricks, switch off hopping on one foot and then the other, move from side to side, and front to back. Work different angles of your calves, quads, glutes and core. For instance, you may start your workout with 10 reps of four exercises. Two are cardio based and two are weight-based, but target different muscle groups. Complete all four exercises and then on your next round, do only nine.

As you move through the workout, your reps decrease by one each time. In the end, you’re left with one rep each, but you’ve done 55 reps of four different exercises. Use a heart monitor to calculate how many calories you’ve burned along the way. What if you want to mix things up a bit and go beyond pure cardio? Can you add weights to your program and still burn 700 calories?

Of course. It’s easy to mix dumbbell exercises with plyometric, cardio combinations, and workout aids like the stepper to customize a workout to your needs.

You can set a structure of alternating weights and cardio or use a ladder program..

As found on YouTube



– What’s up guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another vlog. Today I’m gonna be showing you the five best exercises for burning the most calories. But before we get into which exercises burn the most calories, we first have to understand what affects how many calories are burned while we work out. Now in general, there are three factors that will determine how many calories you actually burn.

First being height and weight. People that are larger or have more muscle mass are gonna be burning more calories.

Second is age. The older you get, your metabolism slows down, burning less calories. And third is intensity.

The higher the intensity, the more demand for oxygen and muscle exertion, burning more calories. Which means two people can run one mile and burn different amounts of calories when you take into consideration all these factors. But regardless, you’re gonna be burning more calories running one mile at max speed versus walking one mile. Now the best exercise for burning the most calories are gonna be compound exercises, exercises that use a large group of muscles versus a single muscle group.

That’s because the more muscles that are engaged in an exercise, the more calories are burned.

Now, although compound exercises like burpees are the most effective for burning calories, they’re usually the hardest to sustain over time. And that’s why it’s most important to focus on quality of training and repetitions. Perfecting each exercise with perfect form, you’re gonna be way more efficient at these very effective calorie-burning exercises versus finding easier ways to burn less. Burning calories will happen no matter what, but you’re gonna burn a lot more if you’re doing it right and if you can hang in there for a longer period of time without gassing out. So with today’s workout, I’ll be showing you, in my opinion, the five best exercises for burning the most amount of calories.

And I’ve designed this workout to sustain high intensity by structuring it in a specific order that’s gonna challenge you but allow you to get through the entire routine without giving up. Now, we’re going to be doing this routine together, so to follow along, you’re gonna need to open up the Heria Pro app, this YouTube workout. And if you haven’t downloaded the Heria Pro app already, get it right now in the app store or Google Play store.

So if you’re ready to get started, we’re gonna do one for five exercises, 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest in between. And if you’re training like this, high intensity interval training, you’re gonna be burning more calories versus steady state cardio within the same amount of time.

So with that said, we’re gonna get into the first exercise, one you see me do all the time because it’s very effective, the burpee. And remember, the most important thing is to perfect these exercises and focus on form. That’s gonna eventually allow you to burn more calories with each exercise and have you go on longer without gassing out. So if you’re just getting started, first try to do them as perfect as possible. Eventually, you’ll be able to build up your endurance and intensity.

Let’s go for 45 seconds. (mellow electronic music) – [Announcer] Heria music. – All right, there we have burpees, a total body killer. Now my heart rate is fired up and we’re gonna keep it there with only a 15 second rest. Now the next exercise we’re getting into are gonna be squat lunges.

We’re gonna jump from a squat to a lunge. You can slow down but don’t give up. (upbeat electronic music) – [Announcer] Heria music. – The more explosive you are with every jump the more intense it’s gonna be, the more calories are burned. Here we go, last reps.

Hoo, all right. There we have it. My lower body’s already fired up, I’m already breaking a sweat.

This is only in the second exercise. Now we’re gonna take it down to the ground with in and outs, open, closed.

You’re gonna jump in, jump back out, jump out, close your feet together. Let’s go for it. Keep your core tight, regulate your breathing. Don’t stop. Give it a full range of motion.

Make sure you have a good grip in your hands. (mellow electronic music) Remember you can slow down if you need to but do not stop.

Keep your heart rate up. The more you do this, eventually you’ll increase your endurance and your strength. You’ll be able to do this a lot easier for a lot longer.

All right, there we have it. And now I’m really starting to break a sweat. We’re gonna go onto the fourth exercise. That’s gonna be jump squats side to side. Remember, intensity matters but do not let it sacrifice your form.

You’re gonna go way longer and stronger if you get it right.

So mainly focus on being as perfect as possible. We’re gonna come all the way down, explode to one side, go to the other side. (mellow electronic music) – [Announcer] Heria music. – Here we go, last ones.

Hoo, all right, there we have side to side jump squats. Now for the last exercise, we’re gonna go for high knee taps. It’s not as intense as all the other exercises, but for the last exercise when you’re feeling this fatigued, it’s gonna keep your heart rate up and you’re gonna be able to maintain high intensity for a longer period of time. If you’re with me, bring your knees up as high as you can.

(mellow electronic music) Remember to breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth.

If you can learn to regulate your breathing, you’re gonna be able to last a lot longer. – [Announcer] Heria music. – Last ones, as hard as you can. Five, four, three, two, one. Hoo, there we have it.

Five minutes, five exercises that are, in my opinion, the best for burning the most amount of calories. And you can see I’m already drenched in sweat. And with the workout specifically structured, we were able to keep our intensity up without giving up. So if you followed along and just completed this with me, congratulations, you’re off to a great start to getting shredded. You wanna continue doing this routine and work up your strength and endurance to eventually being able to do at least four rounds of it.

To get the most benefits from this effective routine, and remember, to get this routine on your phone as well as full access to all my workouts and workout programs I’ve created with specific goals in mind, like getting shredded and building solid muscle with minimal to no equipment, then make sure you go to heriapro.com and become a member. You’re gonna have full access to all my programs. And make sure you download the Heria Pro app in the app store or Google Play store to take my workouts with you everywhere.

It’s like having me as a personal trainer in your pocket.

And leave a comment down below, let me know what you’re working on and what I should make my next video about. And subscribe if you haven’t already. I post every single Thursday, 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

And if you comment within the first 30 minutes, you always have a chance to win some free Heria apparel. For more of my content during the week, make sure you’re following me on Instagram. Almost every single post, I always do some type of giveaway. So if you wanna chance to be a part of that, make sure you’re following. And for everyone enjoying my music on the channel, make sure you’re following me on soundcloud.

com/chrisheria to get all my latest tracks. You can also get my music on Spotify and Apple Music, so make sure you’re following me on there.

And with that said, I’ll see you guys next Thursday, 2:00 p.m. USA Eastern time.

Mad love, peace out. (mellow electronic music) Last one, like that, guys. (percussive banging).

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US politics isn’t broken. It’s fixed | Katherine M. Gehl


Transcriber: Everything I need to know about politics, I learned from cheese. For the last decade of my business career, I ran a 250-million-dollar food company in Wisconsin. And yes, we made cheese. If customers liked my cheese, I did well. If they didn’t, they bought cheese from someone else and I did less well.

That’s healthy competition. Healthy competition incentivizes businesses to make better products. Better products equals happier customers and happier customers equals successful businesses. Win-win. Now, while I was running Gehl Foods, I was also deeply engaged in and increasingly frustrated by politics.

The more frustrated I got, the more I wondered why competition in politics didn’t deliver the same kind of win-win results. How did the Democrats and the Republicans keep doing so well when their customers, that’s us, are so unhappy? Why is the politics industry win-lose? They win.

We lose.

The answer? It turns out that one thing almost all Americans agree on, “Washington is broken,” is also one thing we’re all wrong about. Washington isn’t broken, it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do. It’s just not designed to serve us, the citizens, the public interest. Most of the rules in politics are designed and continuously fine-tuned by and for the benefit of private gain-seeking organizations.

That’s the two parties, a textbook duopoly, and the surrounding companies in the business of politics. And they’re all doing great. Even as the American public has never been more dissatisfied. Said another way, politics isn’t broken, it’s fixed. This is a guiding principle of politics industry theory, the nonpartisan body of work that I originated and have championed over the last seven years.

Now, before I go further, I should tell you I’m not on the red team or the blue team. I call myself politically homeless, which may resonate with some of you. And my work doesn’t focus blame on individual politicians on either side of the duopoly.

The root cause of our political dysfunction, the cause that endures across all election cycles and all administrations is the system, the perverted rules of the game, the rules of the game in politics even make prisoners of our senators and representatives. Their only option is lockstep allegiance to their side of the divide.

So what do we do about it? How do we free our Congress and make politics win-win? We change the rules. But which ones? It’s not what we think.

It’s not gerrymandering, not the Electoral College, not the absence of term limits and not even money in politics, really. By looking at the system through a competition lens, politics industry theory identifies the two rules that are both our greatest obstacles and our greatest opportunities. They’ve been hiding in plain sight. Let’s start with bad rule number one: party primaries. You all know primaries, those first round elections that we mostly ignore, the ones that identify the single Republican and the single Democrat who can appear on the November general election ballot.

Party primaries have become low turnout elections dominated by highly ideological voters and special interests. Candidates know that the only way to make it to the general election ballot in November is to win the favor of these more extreme partisans in the primary. So candidates from both parties have little choice but to move towards those extremes. Why does this matter? Because it dramatically affects governing, and not in a good way.

Imagine you’re a member of Congress.

You’re deciding how to vote on a bipartisan bill that addresses a critical national challenge. You might ask yourself, is this a good idea? Is this what the majority of my constituents want? But that’s not how it works in the politics industry.

Instead, the question that matters most to you is, will I win my next party primary if I vote for this bill? The answer is almost always no. Consensus solutions don’t win party primaries. Let’s illustrate this key design flaw with a Venn diagram. In the current system, there’s virtually no intersection, no connection between Congress acting in the public interest and the likelihood of their getting reelected.

If America’s elected representatives do their jobs the way we need them to, they’re likely to lose those jobs. That is crazy. No wonder Congress doesn’t get anything done. OK, now let’s talk about bad rule number two: plurality voting, which I’ll explain in just a moment.

In any other industry as big and as thriving as politics with this much customer dissatisfaction and only two companies, some entrepreneur would see a phenomenal business opportunity and create a new competitor.

But that doesn’t happen in politics. Our current parties don’t feel competitive pressure to serve the public interest, in large part because of one rule that keeps out almost all new competition: plurality voting. It sounds fancy, but it simply means the candidate with the most votes wins. That also seems logical, but it’s a really bad idea. Why?

Because in the United States you can win almost any election, even if a majority didn’t vote for you. For example, in this three-way race, the winner only has 34 percent of the votes. Sixty-six percent of the voters, most people, wanted someone else. With plurality voting, we may not feel free to vote for the candidate we really want because we’re afraid that we’ll just waste our vote, or worse, will spoil the election. So if you think back to the 2016 presidential race, voters on the right who liked Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, were told by the Republicans, “Don’t vote for him!

He’s just a spoiler.

He’ll take votes away from Trump and help elect Hillary.” And voters on the left who liked Green Party candidate Jill Stein were told by the Democrats, “Don’t vote for her. She’s just a spoiler. She’ll take votes away from Hillary and help elect Trump.

” The spoiler problem that comes from plurality voting is the single biggest reason almost nobody new outside the duopoly ever runs or gets any traction because everyone knows they don’t stand a chance. Politics is the only industry where we’re regularly told that less competition is better. And if there’s never any new competition, the existing parties aren’t accountable to us for results because they don’t need us to like what they’re doing.

They only need us to choose one of them as the lesser of two evils or to just stay home. The founders foresaw our situation and they warned us.

As when John Adams said, “There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader and concerting measures in opposition to each other.” Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with parties or even having only two major parties. The problem is the current two are guaranteed to remain the only two, regardless of what they do or don’t get done on behalf of the country. Does this sound like the best we can do? Of course not.

So the founders gave us what they knew we’d need. They gave us this, our Constitution. There’s a reason it’s called the pocket Constitution: it’s short. Guess what’s not in here — instructions on how to run our elections. Crazy rules like party primaries and plurality voting, they’re made up.

But thanks to what is in here, Article I, they’re optional.

Article I gives every state the power to change the rules of election for Congress at any time. Personally, I think it now sounds like the perfect time. And here’s where we turn nonpartisan politics industry theory into action. The political innovation we need is what I call final-five voting.

With final-five voting, we make two simple changes to our elections for Congress. We get rid of what doesn’t work, party primaries and plurality voting, and replace it with what will work: open top-five primaries and instant runoffs in the general election. Let me explain these changes with an example of final-five voting in a hypothetical and kind of cool election. So here we have eight candidates from four different political parties: Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Abigail Adams, all the way through to Aaron Burr, ambitious as ever.

Immediately you notice how diverse this field is.

It’s a primary people would want to vote in because it’s exciting. It has experience and vision, but it’s also young, scrappy and hungry. OK, maybe not so young. And because this is an open primary, all eight candidates are on the same ballot, regardless of party. When the results are in, the top five finishers move on to the November election, again, regardless of party.

In the general election, voters pick their favorite, just like always. But then, if they would like, they can also rank their second, third, fourth and last choices. You may have heard of this idea as ranked-choice voting. Here’s where things get interesting. If this election were a plurality vote like normal, Aaron Burr would win because he has the most first-place votes.

Thirty percent. But because this is final-five voting, the winner will be the candidate who’s most popular with the majority, not just with a narrow slice of voters. So we use instant runoffs. We drop the candidate who came in last and those who had marked that candidate as their first choice get their second choice counted instead. The process continues until a candidate emerges with a majority.

It’s just like a series of runoffs. But instead of having to keep coming back for another election, voters simply cast all their votes at once. And after those results are in, Alexander Hamilton wins with 68 percent of the vote. Final-five voting is the name for this combination of top-five primaries and instant runoff general elections. We must change both rules at the same time because it’s how they work in combination that transforms the incentives in politics.

The ultimate purpose of final-five voting is not necessarily to change who wins, it’s to change what the winners are incentivized to do.

Under this system, the message to Congress is “do your job or lose your job,” innovate, reach across the aisle whenever it’s helpful, and come up with real solutions to our problems and create new opportunities for progress or be guaranteed new and healthy competition in the next election. Final-five voting gives voters more choice, more voice and most importantly, better results. I like to call it free-market politics because it will deliver the best of what healthy competition delivers in any industry: innovation, results and accountability.

Now, before you think that I’m just making a naive overpromise of some crazy, unattainable utopia, I want to clarify that I’m not.

I agree with Winston Churchill when he said, “Democracy is the worst form of government out there, except when compared to all the others.” Democracy is messy and hard, and what we have now is messy, hard and bad results, really bad results. With final-five voting we’ll have messy, hard and good results to show for it. And perhaps the most amazing part of all of this, final-five voting is powerful and achievable. We now have proof.

In 2017, I published my early work on politics industry theory through Harvard Business School with my coauthor Michael Porter. The report made its way to Alaska where Scott Kendall read it, and then he took action. Scott used the work to design a ballot initiative, including these new rules. Just last month, November 2020, Alaska voters passed this initiative, and Alaska became the first state in the nation to choose healthy competition in elections for Congress. They won’t be the last.

It’s devastating to really face how little we’ve come to expect from our politics.

We think this is normal. We complain about it, but we’ve almost given up believing that it could ever be different. But this is no way to run the shining city on a hill that is America. We can choose different.

Our Constitution gives us that power and, I believe, the responsibility to remake our politics when we need to — and we need to. With the greatest urgency and without fatigue, we must aggressively reclaim the enormous promise of the great American experiment, of our American politics, our politics. Not red politics. Not blue politics, ours. Thank you.


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As Biden faces political challenges, Trump signals increased interest in 2024 rematch












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Tamara Keith and Amy Walter on child tax credit, abortion


JOHN YANG: It’s been a day of leisure for most Americans,  but not our Politics Monday duo, Amy Walter, editor in chief of The Cook Political Report,  and NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith. We just heard Yamiche Alcindor talk about the SNAP benefits expanding and the child tax credit. Tam, how important is this to the Democrats’ agenda and President Biden’s agenda? TAMARA KEITH, National Public Radio: This is absolutely core to President Biden’s agenda. It is part of the $3.

5 trillion bill that they are going to start working on in earnest  again now that Congress is returning. Expanding this child tax credit is  important to Democrats because it can really take a huge bite out of child poverty.

And it has been a longtime agenda item, one that they were able to get into the COVID relief bill,  and one that they are hoping to be able to have long term. But we can talk about infrastructure  for a long time. We will talk about it many times.

 It is not clear yet that that is on a glide path. AMY WALTER, The Cook Political Report: Right, because that’s the $3.5 trillion package, which  at least two Democratic senators have said, yes, it is not going to be $3.5 trillion.  It’s going to be a much lower number.

So what is the going to get cut from all those different  priorities that Democrats, that the Biden administration,  that House Democrats would like to see put forward is going to be a big question. And the child tax credit is something that, even in that big reconciliation bill,  because it is a reconciliation bill, it can’t be made permanent.  This is something that will last for a good, long time, but then will have to be readdressed.

Now, look, in politics, in governing, oftentimes,  these bills are used as a way to actually make the short term the long term, right?  It becomes so popular that, 10 years from now, it becomes really unpopular to take something back.

JOHN YANG: We’re at a time when a lot of things that were put in because of the pandemic are  ending, the eviction moratorium and the federal unemployment benefits. Tam, is there any debate in the White House about what to do about these things that are ending? TAMARA KEITH: So those expanded benefits ended today, and the White House’s message, at least,  has been that the benefits are ending, but if states wanted to extend them,  they could.

There is money that they could pull out of unused other relief funds. But you haven’t seen states running to the doors to keep this program going,  and, in part, because the White House has turned its eyes to this $3.

5 trillion infrastructure  package, the other smaller structure package. They have a big agenda. And this,  the eviction moratorium, those items aren’t really on that agenda. It would take a huge legislative lift to get either of those extended beyond. And so, also,  it just points to the fact that the pandemic is not where anyone thought it would be right now.

  When that unemployment extension was passed,  it was off in a distant future when everyone would be vaccinated and the pandemic would be over. And the Delta variant said, eh, not so fast. JOHN YANG: Does this become a political challenge for the president and for Democrats? AMY WALTER: Part of this discussion we just had about the increase in the SNAP payments  and the child tax credit is an opportunity to say, look, we’re not letting the safety net  completely dissolve underneath families who are struggling in this moment in time. At the same time, the more that they hand out benefits, it’s not just, as Tam pointed out,  that it’s taking away from the other agenda items.

But it’s also then acknowledging that the  economy is not coming back. And what they want to show, the Biden administration wants to show is,  we have continued to make progress on the economy. Yes, it’s uneven. Yes, this Delta  variant is taking a toll, but not a deep toll. It is we are coming out on the other side.

And so it’s hard to say, be optimistic about the economy when you’re also saying we need  to spend even more money helping people who still can’t get jobs.

Fundamentally, this is a once-in-a-100-year event. And policy-makers don’t have any road  map for how to solve this, right? So I think they are trying to do as many things as possible, while  recognizing the realities, both of the message they want to get along — they want to send along,  the agenda they want to put forward, and having a 50/50 Senate, where at least two Democratic  senators have been really clear about their own priorities at limiting some of the spending. JOHN YANG: We have to go back to last week because of the abortion bill.


. that took — became law in Texas. They have essentially  ended abortion in the state for the time being. Tam, what does this do? Does this change any of the calculus  about the midterms next year or any of the elections that are coming up?

TAMARA KEITH: Traditionally, abortion has been an  issue that has motivated Republicans more than it has motivated Democrats.

But the last several years have been defeat after defeat after defeat for the Democratic agenda  and for something that Democrats really prioritize, which is reproductive rights. And I don’t know if, in the midterms, it’s going to change, that sort of dynamic  about which party cares more about abortion, but I can tell you that,  right now, Democrats are angry and they’re motivated. AMY WALTER: Right. And we are potentially going to see some early indicators of how motivating this could be.

  As you pointed out, we have a couple of elections. We have got the recall  in California of the Democratic governor. He’s now leaning into this issue,  saying Texas is an example of why it’s so important who your governor is.

The leading Republican candidate, he argues, is going to install  Judges and others who are going to rollback reproductive rights in the state,  not something that Californians are used to hearing about. But in Virginia, there’s a governors race in November.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat,  had already been stressing this message before the Texas case. I expect that he will continue  to do this. So these are the kinds of places where we’re going to get a sense.  There will be a whole bunch of other issues out there, but at least get a sense. One Democratic strategist I talked to said,  where it’s really going to — the rubber really hit the road is next summer,  if the Supreme Court comes out and overturns Roe in the court case from Mississippi.

That,  this person said, would probably bring Democrats out into the streets in droves. JOHN YANG: Just months before the midterms. AMY WALTER: Just months before a 2022 midterm, yes. JOHN YANG: Amy Walter, Tamara Keith, thank you very much. TAMARA KEITH: You’re welcome.

AMY WALTER: You’re welcome. .

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A supermarket worker was spat at by a customer attempting to stockpile Pot Noodles while another was told: “I hope you get the virus and die”, as panic-buying blighted the nations response to coronavirus pandemic.

An eyewitness described the scene at a packed branch of Asda in the Wirral, Merseyside, on Saturday, as a man in his 30s attempted to buy more than the three Pot Noodles allowed by the store.

Everyone was so wrapped up in making sure everybody

A woman in her 40s working behind the checkout attempted to enforce the rules, brought in to ensure stocks could be maintained, and the gentleman objected to it and spat at her, according to businessman Andy Smith, who was in the store.

The incident, which was raised in parliament by Labour MP Bill Esterson, was just one of the horrendous cases of abuse revealed by supermarket workers in recent days as some customers grow angry over restrictions and empty shelves.

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