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Demons Souls: Best Souls Farming Spot For Early Game

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The Demon’s Souls remake is now available exclusively for PS5, and like the original and the Dark Souls series, the titular souls are of huge importance to your progression. You use these not only for currency but also to level up your character, and it can be difficult to collect enough to make a real difference if you don’t know where to look. That’s where we come in! We know the ideal spot to gather an easy 4,500 souls, which is enough to buy plenty of items, weapon improvements, or make several upgrades to your statistics.

How to easily farm souls

For this method, head to the Shrine of Storms from the Nexus and work your way through until you reach the Ritual Path Archstone. From there, proceed forward until you can drop down, then go through the tunnel you find and use arrows to shoot the Reaper. This will kill all the other enemies around it, giving you a healthy bounty of souls in very little time.

When doing this, you need to make sure you aren’t surrounded by the apparitions in this area. They can close in and get on either side of you, and you must be precise with your Heavy Arrow shots to take down the Reaper quickly.

Make sure you have stocked up on Heavy Arrows before entering this area, as well. Though you can find a merchant to sell you Light Arrows here, they tend to do less damage, which means they require more shots. Since the reaper begins moving after the first hit, that means more pressure to track it and land precision shots. Heavy arrows will get the job done quicker but you can also travel back to the Nexus and have Patches, the Hyena sell you more Heavy Arrows if he has traveled there. Patches can be found in the Armor Spider Archstone.

That’s all there is to it! Either head back to the Nexus to cash in your souls after you have killed the Reaper, or respawn at the start of the area and go through it again to get extra souls. As always in Souls games, make sure that if you are killed, you return to your body before behind killed again–lest you waste all that “hard work.”

For more on Demon’s Souls, check out our early review impressions. You can also try your luck getting a PS5 with our PS5 order guide.

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