/Lotus makes a supercar comeback

Lotus makes a supercar comeback

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The return of the Lotus Esprit as a supercar!
Image: Motor Authority

The Lotus name is making a comeback with two new sports cars and an SUV. The sports models will appear in 2020 and the SUV some time later.

One of the Sports cars will replace the Lotus Elise, at least that is the rumour. However, perhaps more exciting for many of us is the fact that the second new sports car model is widely tipped to be a supercar that will update the famous Lotus Esprit, which went out of production in 2004. IF this is true, and it seems very likely, then this new supercar will be the flagship for the brand.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales in an interview with Autocar that the forthcoming supercar will “benefit from low weight and that it will use an extruded, bonded and riveted aluminium chassis just like Lotus’ current line-up of cars. Carbon fibre and other composites will likely play a role, though, such as for the body panels and possibly the front sub-frame.”

This is the second attempt the Norfolk-based manufacturer has made to relaunch the Lotus Esprit. It brought a concept car to the 2010 Paris motor show and was also developing a bespoke V-8. However, that project came to a sad end when Gales was brought in as CEO in 2014 tasked with the unenviable job of saving the company from financial ruin. As a result the concept car project had to be halted.

It is another reason why we haven’t heard much about the Lotus name in recent years, but it appears that it is now back in good health and with several plans for the future, including an SUV. This follows the trend for automobile brands that are more usually associated with supercars and high-end sports cars, like Lamborghini, to get into the SUV market.

Lotus now has Chinese owners, Zhejang Geely, which also owns Volvo and Lynk &Co. It is committed to reviving the Lotus brand and rebuilding its image and it also plans to see Lotus make a return to the racing circuits as well as creating a new line of road cars.

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