/McLaren promises its cars will go faster

McLaren promises its cars will go faster

McLaren   McLaren promises its cars will go faster McLaren BP23 300x169It is only to be expected that cars are getting faster, McLaren believes.  As one pundit at Geneva Motor Show pointed out, “the modern average minivan can smoke the average Ferrari from the 1970s.” So, logic tells us that if a standard car is much faster, then supercars are getting superfast.

McLaren’s COO, Dr Jens Ludmann, is adamant that its car still have the capacity to deliver even more speed in the future, which makes the mind boggle, as its Senna hypercar already has a spec with numbers that make your head spin as fast as its wheels.

Ludmann, who was speaking to Car Scoops at the Swiss motor show, said: “If you see the trend of the past, you can anticipate the trend in the future.” Basically, he’s saying that if we look at the increase in performance that we have seen over the last few decades, we can predict the kinds of advances we will see in the future. And he believes that more speed and higher performance will be among the most distinct features due to improvements in powertrain technology and aerodynamics.

He explained: “For example, active aero, we didn’t have that in the past and now with active aero we can reach new limits.” He went on to discuss the fact that batteries will eventually improve and new powertrain solutions will be developed. And, because powertrains seem to be very much in focus at the moment, it won’t be long before we see a host of improvements. It’s a technology evolution that is inevitable, and it will lead to improved products.

Of course, as Motor Authority points out, there are physical limits to how fast a car can go, but when automobile manufacturers will actually hit the ‘speed ceiling’, it’s very hard to predict.

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