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Monday, April 12, 2021

New Streets Of Rage 4 DLC Adds New Fighters And Survival Mode, Coming This Year

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Streets of Rage 4 is getting its first paid DLC. The Mr. X Nightmare DLC will add three new playable characters and a Survival game mode, and it will come alongside a separate free update that adds other new features.

The first playable character is Estel Aguirre, who previously appeared as a boss fight in the base game. The debut trailer shows off Estel’s trademark spin kicks and other moves, and drops a hint at the other characters to be revealed. Details on the new Survival Mode are coming closer to launch as well. The DLC will also include more character customization to personalize your fighting style, and the Mr. X Nightmare content will include new original music from Sonic Mania and League of Legends composer Tee Lopes.

A free update to come alongside the DLC will add a New Mania+ difficulty, along with a training system and new color palette options. Timing on the DLC and free update have not been announced.

GameSpot’s Streets of Rage 4 review called it an admirable comeback. “It looks great, sounds great, and plays very well,” wrote Heidi Kemps. “Even if the experience is relatively short, it’s the sort of game you and your buddies can easily enjoy playing and re-playing. If you’re craving some classic brawling action with a modern edge, these rage-filled streets are calling your name.”

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