/The Honda NSX has super power

The Honda NSX has super power

Honda NSX model  The Honda NSX has super power Honda NSX 300x200Honda may not be considered a luxury car brand, yet its new model, the Honda NSX may just give the Japanese manufacturer a whole new brand image, thanks to its supercar power.

According to the Daily Mail, it is the closest that the ordinary motorist can get to driving an F1 car. So, if you aspire to being Sebastian Vettel, read on.

Honda last used the NSX name 13 years ago for a supercar that went out of production. Now, it is entering the fray again and has been busy kitting out is plants with new machinery and as much supercar expertise as it can find. Despite a price tag that is by no means small, it is apparently flying out of the Honda factory as customers queue up to buy a Honda NSX. It sold the first 100 models within a year and the second ‘batch’ is already pre-sold. If you want to put your name on the ever-growing waiting list, do it soon.

The Honda NSX has a V6 turbocharged petrol engine and with 3.5-litre, it has a higher capacity than the motors used by Red Bull Racing. The experience for the drive might be similar to being in an F1 team as the motor is only centimetres from their ears, as it is wedged in behind the driver’s headrest.

Honda has also added some mighty electric hybrid performance features: it has “two electric motors up front – one powering each of the front wheels – and a third bolted between the engine and the nine-speed transmission, which is one gear more than F1 rules stipulate,” according to motoring journalist, Rob Hull. This is significant, because F1 is increasingly moving into the hybrid powertrain arena, which means Honda is appealing to the drivers who’d like to feel more F1 n the road.

And, because the Honda NSX has 573 bhp, it can outpower a Lamborghini Huracan or Porsche 911 Turbo. It has a computer on board that has to make a lot of decisions about whether to just use the V6 engine, or add in the hybrid, and cornering requires more calculations by the computer than several years of math classes. However, as one test driver said, you’ll never feel that the computer is in control; you’ll feel exhilarated by your skilful driving.

Oh yes, it does 0-62 mph/ 100 kmh in 3.3 seconds an has a top speed of 191 mph/ 307 kmh and it’s CO2 emissions are 228g/km. It isn’t the greenest car around, despite its electric elements; they are more intended to be electrifying.

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